18650 Cell Holders

1x2 2x3 Cell 18650 Batteries Spacer Radiating Shell Plastic

  • 18650 lithium battery braket cylindrical use in battery holder,battery packs.


attery Fire retardant (Flame retardant) plastic bracket Cylindrical use in 18650 lithium battery packs, battery holder.

This bracket material is made from (ABS+PC material) flame retardant poly-amide 66 (PA66) material, which is with high temperature resistance and crack resistance, its very good security. The battery pack with this holder has beautiful appearance , reasonable structure, good heat dissipation performance and vibration function.

This battery holder/bracket is with very good flexibility. Using this holder, we can make different battery pack , such as 12 v, 24 v, 36v, 51.8V e.t.c battery pack, which can be used as electric bicycle batteries, electric tools battery, storage battery and electric car battery, etc.

These battery bracket are very Suitable for DIY joint Battery Pack

Please note that every battery pack needs 2 groups of holders/bracket (one up / one down)!

There are slots on the edge of holder, can be combined into any different sizes and shapes of battery pack; after welding nickel tabs, the pack can pass vibration test without any other connecting device.

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